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Dental Implants Are Often the Best Choice When Repairing Teeth

When one of your teeth is almost inevitably chipped or cracked, or you must have decayed or otherwise damaged teeth repaired, your first instinct is to choose the quickest and least-expensive method. Getting a filling for a cavity or having a crown put on top of a damaged tooth is something nearly everyone experiences at some time in their lives. Bonding can repair a chipped tooth and veneers can take care of discolored or damaged teeth that affect your smile. However, there are times when a dental implant is the best solution for several reasons.

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Dental implants most resemble and act like your own teeth. Other methods might lead to eventual bone deterioration, causing more serious discomfort and problems in the future. While other options for repairing damaged teeth generally last five to seven years, or sometimes up to ten years, an implant is designed to last for your lifetime. You shouldn’t need to have a dental implant replaced. Implants also help protect the bone and teeth around them. Your jawbone is impacted when you have damaged or missing teeth because its job of supporting a tooth isn’t necessary, causing it to deteriorate. Bridges designed to be supported by healthy teeth harm the teeth that must be ground down to hold the bridge.

There are other benefits of dental implants that you might not have considered. For instance, you won’t need to worry about tooth decay in an implant. A dental implant, unlike dentures, is immovable. You won’t have to worry about having your dentures slide when you’re talking or smiling. The choice of the foods you can eat won’t be affected by implants. No matter how sticky or chewy, hot or cold a food is, a dental implant can handle it. Finally, your smile will look as natural as it always has throughout your life. Implants retain the shape of your mouth in a way that bridges and dentures may not be able to do.

Dr. Paul Metz, like qualified dental surgeons who concentrate on the mouth, teeth and jaw, can help you determine the best way to handle any damaged or broken teeth you might have. He has the experience to provide the dental implants you need to keep your mouth and jaw healthy for the rest of your life, while providing a pleasing and natural smile at the same time.

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